Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why Did I Start Using Young Living?

It all started one day in the classroom with a simple earache.  I was welcoming the students into the classroom and a parent noticed me holding my ear.  I told her I thought I was getting an ear infection and probably need to get an antibiotic.  She asked me if I would be opposed to trying a more natural approach?  I agreed, since I really prefer to avoid medications whenever possible, and she came back later that day with a little bottle of Melrose oil from Young Living.  Since I knew nothing about applying oils, she explained how to put it on (to avoid any oil in the ear canal).  I put it on then and within a few minutes the pain subsided.  I applied it again the next two days and the ear ache went away.

That was the day I knew I needed to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils.

*Please keep in mind I am not a doctor and am not offering medical advice in any way.  This is just my story on what worked for me.